They Wanted:
An engaging video to increase student enrollment by demonstrating the benefits of attending The Shlenker School, Houston’s oldest private Reform Jewish day school for students from 15 months to fifth grade. Oh yeah, just a couple minor details: the school had never shot anything before so the project had to be put together completely from scratch (just the kind of project we like!), and the finished video was needed for Show and Tell at a major conference one week later.

We Produced:
A nine-minute video that presented a well-rounded view of The Shlenker School, combining on-camera interviews with teachers, students, parents and administrators, with classroom and outdoor footage. The production received high marks from school administrators who told IdeaMan the video has helped tremendously in their recruitment and enrollment effort.

In addition to the completed video, Shlenker also had hours of material documenting their school that they will continue to draw from for years. The following year, IdeaMan was called upon to pull from the existing material and edit a welcome video for those newly accepted students and their families. We didn’t have to repeat a thing.

How IdeaMan Did It:
Quickly and efficiently. We spent three days in Houston getting interviews with teachers, kids, administrators, and parents. We shot the interviews using the RED ONE™ camera to give the production a high-end film look. At the same time, we shot Steadicam material of all the unique classroom situations and outdoor activities that Shlenker offers.

Next, back in Dallas, we poured through over 800 GB of interview footage to find the gems that would tell the final story. We posted the videos at various stages of completion, so the group in Houston could see how the piece was developing. The day before the screening we added the final music and graphics to the piece. Shlenker downloaded it the next day and it showed to a crowd that evening. We were happy to help.

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